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5 Mistakes Dads Make at Walt Disney World

With all of the stresses of a family vacation, it can be easy to overlook some things; especially when it comes to your family. Here are some mistakes dads seems to make when heading out to the parks with their families.

1. They miss the big picture

In a previous post, I talked about the importance of realizing that things aren’t always about you. It’s sometimes hard to see the “big picture” when you’re caught up in the tired cries of a 5 year old. You are there for your family. The trip is more about the memories, and less about what you want to do. Don’t ever forget that.

Be thankful with the time you’re getting with your family. Trust me, there are a million other dads who would love to be at Disney right now with their kids.

2. They don’t check the “temperature” of their family

You may not always get to do what you want to do, and that’s okay. Do yourself a favor and LISTEN to your family. That’s what I mean by checking the “temperature” of your family. Take the time and listen to them.

  • Are they tired?
  • Do they need to slow down?
  • Do they need to take a break? Is it time to head back to the hotel?
  • Are they hungry?

Trust me. Learning to listen to the needs of your family and responding correctly to them will ultimately result in a happy family, which in turn, will lead to a great vacation.

3. They don’t take advantage of strollers

So, I know this doesn’t apply to all dads, but young dads, listen to me! Don’t let your pride get in the way of pushing a stroller. You can’t carry that kid all day. One of the companies we recommend is Kingdom Strollers. They make it extremely convenient for families by dropping off your stroller at your hotel, and then picking it up when you’re done.

God bless the man who invented the stroller!

4. They don’t wear fanny packs

Okay, I’m only half-way joking here. What I mean by this, is to come prepared. Dads who don’t pack bags with the essentials are sure to regret this mistake.

Get yourself a backpack and pack the things you know you’re going to need, and even those items you don’t think you’ll need. It’s always better to come over prepared then under prepared. I never thought I’d use my first aid kit until my daughter scraped up her knee when running from the shuttle to our resort at Port Orleans. I’m glad I had it at the time, even though I never thought I’d need it.

And yes, please, oh please, use a back pack. Fanny packs should be outlawed. Trust me, your kids will thank you.

5. They aren’t flexible

It’s often said that those who fail to plan should plan to fail, and I agree. Take advantage of the MyDisney Experience App and plan your trip! Make reservations and book your Fast Passes. HOWEVER, be flexible. Don’t get upset if you miss your FastPass time due to unforeseen events. Re-book them and move on. Don’t blame and don’t lose your cool. There’s nothing worse than a rage-filled dad cursing out his kids because he missed his Pirates of the Caribbean Fast Pass time.

Just know, that even with the best planner, and best intentions, your plans might not always work out the way you want it to. I know you wanted to go to the parade, but it’s raining, and your kids don’t want to stand out in the rain. No big deal. Figure out something else and move on. You can spend the energy in complaining about what DIDN’T happen, OR, you can spend that time figuring out another way to make memories with your family.

These are just some of the mistakes I’ve seen (and made) while visiting the Disney parks.

What else would you add to this list?

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Steven loves all things Disney. He dreams about Dole Whips in June and a snow-capped castle in December.

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