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5 Reasons You Need An Authorized Disney Vacation Planner

Planning a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort can be quite overwhelming at times. SO overwhelming, that many get so worn out just thinking about the flood of questions that fill their minds.

Which park should I go to first? Am I getting the best bang for my buck? How do I book dining reservations? What’s a Fast Pass? What if it rains? Did I pack everything that I need? How do I get my spouse to help more around the house? (Okay…if you’re asking that last one, a Disney Vacation Planner probably isn’t going to be much help.)

So, here are just a few reasons why you need to hire an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner for your next Walt Disney World vacation.

1. It’s free!!

No, really. It’s free. I know we live in a world where NOTHING is free (at least that’s what my parents always told me.) But the truth is, a Disney Vacation Planner is here to offer their services absolutely free. What I can tell you about a planner is simply this: they LOVE what they do. Not only do THEY love going to the parks, but they want YOU and your family to create memories that are going to last a lifetime. So why not take advantages of their FREE services? You have absolutely nothing to lose, but have SO much to gain from them.

2. They offer a wealth of knowledge

Think about it. You can spend countless hours researching all that you need to know for your trip, OR you can simply call, email, text, send a Facebook message, or even send a courier pigeon (okay, not really) to ask the million and a half questions you may have. Disney Planners LOVE it when people ask questions about their Disney Vacation. Don’t be afraid to ask. They WANT to help.

3. They can help with reservations

Getting into some restaurants and attractions can be tough at times. Having a planner to call FOR you and get your reservations booked is such a relief. Forgo the headaches and let your Disney planner take care of it for you. AND if you change your mind, your planner can switch those reservations for you.

4. They can help save you money

Unless you’re just loaded with money to burn, you’re probably looking for ways to save as much as you can during your Disney trip. Granted, a Disney trip isn’t cheap, but a Disney planner can help save you money by keeping you up to date with the latest deals and offers that Disney is offering.

5. They can help save you time

If you’re going to the parks, this is HUGE. You probably want to get the most time you can at the park, and a Disney planner can definitely help you by giving you tips and tricks on when and which attractions to hit. Also, if you’re flexible on dates, they can also help you pick which days might be best for you and your family to go on a Disney vacation. After all, nobody really likes to stand in line with large crowds all day. A Disney planner can help make sure that that is kept to a minimum.

Have you ever used a Disney planner? What were some of your experiences?

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