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6 Tips for a Rainy Day at Walt Disney World

With showers that can pop up anytime in Florida, it’s very likely that you may find yourself in a torrential rainfall from time to time. However, just because it starts raining, that doesn’t mean the magic has to end.
Photo by Andrew Evans
Here are some tips to help you and your family achieve the most out of your vacation….even when it rains.

1. Keep a good attitude

There’s nothing worse than wet people with a sour attitude. Parents, this is your time to shine. Keeping a good attitude when it rains helps lighten the mood AND helps keep the kids from becoming their own versions of a little “tower of terror.” Don’t lose your cool! You can make memories, even when it rains.

2. Come prepared

When we visit the parks, I always carry enough ponchos for all of us in our group. I wrote about being prepared briefly in another post. It’s important that you always come to the parks prepared, even if the forecast isn’t calling for rain. It’s much easier to pull them out of your bag, than it is to go searching for the nearest store that is selling them.
HOWEVER, if you do find yourself needing ponchos, there are plenty of stores within the parks that will be more than happy to sell you a poncho or umbrella.

3. Try visiting the Animal Kingdom

Okay. I know what some of you may be thinking. Why would I go visit a park when it’s raining where most of the cool stuff is outside? Well, for two reasons. One is that the Animal Kingdom crowds usually tends to thin out when it rains. Secondly, the animals can be more active. When the rain comes in, it can cool the animals off, making them a little more active than usual.

4. Go to a show

Most of the shows within the Walt Disney World Resort area are either covered or indoors. Taking in one of the shows will help give your legs a break and also help you dry off. It can also give your little ones a mental break from all the rain. Timon and Pumbaa, in the the Festival of the Lion King, can get your cubs mind off the rain, and fill them full of excitement.

5. Go shopping

Rain is a great opportunity for you to get that souvenir shopping done. Head over to the World of Disney at Disney Springs or the Emporium at the Magic Kingdom and make the most of that rainy day. You’re more than likely going to see a store at the parks and say, “Man, I wish I had the time to go in there.” The rainy moments at the Disney Parks can most definitely give you that time you need to go have a look.

6. Grab some food

Who doesn’t like to eat Disney Parks food, right? If you still have that sour attitude because of the rain, head over to one of the MANY restaurants, food carts, stores, etc, and grab yourself some food! After all, a Dole Whip can make even the worst day a good one.
What are some things YOU do when it rains at Disney?
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Steven loves all things Disney. He dreams about Dole Whips in June and a snow-capped castle in December.

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